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iVOX Token will allow you not only to invest in a Cryptoactive, it is also a business model that will allow you to receive more coins regardless of the value of the asset in the market through the iVOX Token investment funds you can invest your assets in this center. business receiving an exponential monthly rate at 3.5% per month and you will receive your iVOX Tokens in your portfolio once your contract ends each month, when investing in iVOX do not open another investment model more than the monthly rate, if you want to invest them again you should do a new investment to continue multiplying your assets. iVOX is an asset that does not allow mining in its code, so the only way to obtain the asset is by buying it or by investing it in our investment fund.

What is Token iVOX ERC20?


This is a token, which was built on top of the Blockchain of Ethereum, its standard protocols that regulate the emission of new tokens on the network, which means that all new tokens must comply with certain rules and parameters for acceptance. The objective and the need for this standard, apart from creating a parameter to follow, is to create interoperability between tokens and encourage improvements in the Ethereum ecosystem. It has been issued 35000000 of iVOX Token and it is not planned to create more assets in the first year of its exit to the market of exchanges since these were created for this investment platform and although they will be available in the market of exchange of cryptoactive from 15 November or once the crowdfunding with Ethereum concludes it does not try to compete in the market if it is not an exchange asset with a fixed value that can be increased with the development of the IVOXIS Project that will allow it to develop and investigate active crypto mining centers and technologies that are sustainable or friendly with the environment, as well as Apps compatible with these technologies.

It is important that you understand that obtaining tokens, obtaining the balance of the account, transfer capacity of the token and possibility of spending it, are some of the standard functions that are fulfilled for the incorporation and interaction of new tokens. Although not all other tokens meet these characteristics, they can still be compatible and interact with the ERC20 in some functions, depending on the capabilities they possess. This token, being a digital asset like any other, can also be commercialized in a similar way to Bitcoin, Ether or any other active crypto. Adding also, that your transactions can be tracked in the same way as a cryptocurrency, in the Ethereum Blockchain. iVOX Token is a decentralized Token that aims to develop for its exchange with other cryptoactives not only through asset exchange centers or exchanges, also through its own electronic purse. This purse will be available for download once the crowdsale stage ends, and the asset is quoting in the exchange markets, but it could always be delayed if all the assets available for pre-sale and etepa crawdsale are not acquired. We trust that this project can be carried out for that date with the support of all the investors in our ICO and our investment center. Differences between a cryptocurrency and an ERC20 token. The main difference is that the ERC20 token does not have its own blockchain like the cryptocurrencies, it circulates in the chain of blocks of Ethereum. Taking this into consideration, any transaction involving the Token will be made and will depend on the Ethereum network, which also makes some GAS as a fee necessary to carry out operations with the token on its platform.

 Why is the ERC20 standard important and what are its benefits?

The key to the ERC20 token is its set of standard rules that allow interoperability in the Ethereum ecosystem, with the wide variety of tokens and other decentralized applications compatible with each other.These rules and standards will allow developers to create new technologies with a smaller margin of error, being aware of the necessary conditions for them to integrate and live in the network. The use of this token allows new projects to use the Blockchain of Ethereum to boost their projects, since most but all of the initial offers of currency are made in this platform.The creation of the ERC20 token as a standard has brought numerous benefits to the ecosystem and the development of new technologies, optimizing its incorporation and compatibility with the rest of the applications.

 As some of these benefits we can mention:

The technology unit and a standard protocol, facilitating the work to the developers. Less complexity in the understanding of each token type implemented, since all will be based on the same principles of functionality.

Greater liquidity of the ERC20 tokens, to be used in a large part of the ICO and as a basis for work for the projects.

Lower risk of breaking contracts, having no impediments or incompatibilities.The uniformity that the standard features of the token bring to the network also generates ease of exchange among users, regardless of the intermediaries in the transactions.

Wallets compatible with ERC20 tokens since most of the ICOs are carried out with the use of this token ERC20 and the Blockchain Ethereum, it is essential to have a compatible and safe portfolio to store them, if at any time we participate in one of them.

There is a wide variety of alternatives in terms of portfolios that support this token, with hardware being the most optimal and secure version, but other free versions are also available on the web.Some of the options that we recommend regarding wallets to store iVOX Token are:

There is currently a large number of ERC20 tokens in the Blockchain of Ethereum, which means that the standard has had a good impact on the development of other tokens and decentralized applications that interact on the network.

On the other hand, in addition to simplifying innovation to developers, creates a space for the possibility of fraud by conducting ICOs through the facility provided by this protocol, so it is convenient to be careful in the future when participating in an offer of some new project, we recommend you read our whitepapper and know our roadmap before investing in this project, you can also verify the existence of our TOKEN in the network where you can know our public record and contract in the Ethereum Network You can also go to the following link to go directly to the contract 0x34fbb24940304675694bc2090bee3a655e623fc5 value will be established in time according to the utility that is provided, but until now it has been a great contribution to the Ethereum platform and to the activity of development in the ecosystem as such.